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Flexnet License Administrator, License Server Manager
The License Server can be managed through a web-based administration tool called FLEXnet License Administrator. You use the Administration part of the tool to view system information and administer License Server user accounts, alerts, and other configuration.
Building Operation uses two types of licenses: the network license and the local license. Network licenses are the most common type of license in Building Operation. With network licenses, only the number of licenses that are used at the same time are required. The local license is often time limited and used to test and run a system that is under construction.
Installation Overview
The Building Operation products are installed using installation packages.
Installation Example
Schneider Electric recommends that you install the license server framework before other Building Operation software or SmartStruxure server devices. The license server installation is included in the License Administrator license package. During the installation of WorkStation or Enterprise Server, the installation software asks for the address to the license server.
Installation Reparation
If something unexpected happens to a Building Operation product, for example, the Building Operation product does not start or software files are missing, you can try to solve the problem by repairing the installation.
License Selection Process
When a licensed WorkStation, client tool, or Enterprise Server starts, it first checks if a local license is available. If a local license is not available or has expired, the WorkStation or Enterprise Server checks out a network license from a License Server. If no license is available, the WorkStation, client tool, or Enterprise Server does not start.
This is an additional solution instead of first manually uninstalling the current product and then installing a new copy.
To uninstall a Building Operation product you use the Windows Add Remove Program tool. The Windows Add Remove Program tool permanently removes the Building Operation product from the computer or server.
Version Numbers and Parallel Installations
The Building Operation version number is constructed with four numbers, which represents different parts of the version: Major, Minor, Maintenance, and Build.
​WorkStation and Client Tools Address Configuration
After licenses are activated on the License Server you have to configure the Workstation and its client tools connection to the License Server, where licenses are available for check out. The address to the License Server is defined either during the installation of WorkStation, through License Administrator, or Windows registry.

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