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System Backup
Before upgrading the system, it is strongly recommended that you archive the historical data and back up the SmartStruxure servers to preserve the current data and configurations. If you plan to upgrade WebReports, be sure to back up the Reports database in SQL Server.
Restoring Licenses
You restore the license data from a backup to restore a corrupt or non-functioning License Server.
License Server
The License Server manages the administration of network licenses. A SmartStruxure solution system running with network licenses must contain at least one License Server.
License Backup
Schneider Electric recommends backing up the License Server files on a regular basis. To back up the license files, copy all files in the folder to an external resource. This backup is primarily intended for cases when hardware or the operating system malfunctions.
Backing Up Licenses
You back up licenses to easily restore them if something unexpected happens.
Licensing, Installation, and Localization Overview
To be able to run Building Operations you need to install and licensing the software.
Licensing Overview
Building Operation is available for all to download and install. However, you need valid licenses to use Building Operation. The number of users of the software is limited to the number of licenses owned by the customer.
License System
​When setting up a new Building Operation system, you need to consider the size of the system, its structure, and the number of licenses to order and distribute.
License Server Maintenance
Building Operation licenses are controlled by license policies regarding the transaction of licenses. Therefore, it is important that a replacement or reinstallation of the license server is carefully planned.
Installing the License Administrator and the License Server
You install License Administrator and License Server to ​administer the activation, return, repair, check out, and the check in of Building Operation licenses. A SmartStruxure solution system has to include one software license server. The License Administrator has to be installed on all clients or servers that run any licensed Building Operation products.

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