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Reinstalling the License Administrator and the License Server
​You reinstall the License Administrator and the License Server to replace your current installation with a fresh copy.​
​Repairing the License Administrator and the License Server
​​You repair the License Administrator and the License Server installation if any problems are caused by the current installation.
Local Licenses
A local license installs on the client or License Server from a license file with the extension .asr. The local license is bound to the computer and cannot be shared. The license file used to activate local licenses can only be used once per computer and is typically time-limited.
License Administrator
The License Administrator administers the activation, return, and repair of licenses.
Network License Management
When you activate a license, the license is transferred from the License Activation Server to your License Server. When activating a license, details about the transaction and registration details are stored with the license on the License Server.
License Maintenance
Before you move a network license, you have to return the license to the License Activation Server. If the license is not correctly returned before changes are made on the License Server, the license can become broken or lost.
License Management
A Building Operation license system consists of, for example, a License Server, WorkStation with client tools, and the Enterprise Server. The number of each component varies depending on the system size and architecture.
License Repair
A license can in several ways become damaged. Use the License Administrator to repair a damaged network license on the License Server where the damaged license is located. Local licenses cannot be repaired. Instead you have to remove the damaged local licenses and reactivate the licenses from new license files.
Lost License
If the License Server, WorkStation, or Enterprise Server physically crash and you cannot retain activated licenses, the licenses are lost. Activated licenses cannot be reactivated by the License Activation Server.
Enterprise Server Address Configuration
After licenses are activated on the License Server, you configure the Enterprise Server connection to the License Server. The address to the License Server is defined either during the installation of Enterprise Server, through License Administrator, or Windows registry.

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