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Network License Return
To return a network license means that a license is transferred from the License Server back to the License Activation Server. A returned network license, located on the License Activation Server, is not available for the WorkStation or Enterprise Server to check out.
Network Licenses Activation
To activate a network license means that a license is transferred from the License Activation Server, hosted by Schneider Electric, to your License Server. Once activated, the network license is available for use.
Network Licenses
Network licenses are distributed from the License Server. The License Server shares a predetermined number of simultaneous instances that are available network-wide. To start licensed clients and SmartStruxure servers using network licenses, the ​required number of licenses have to be ​available on the License Server.
Service and Maintenance
The license policy in Building Operation is strictly controlled and is sensitive to any changes on the License Server, both hardware and software.
Licenses View
Use the Licenses view to activate, remove, repair, or list activated licenses on the License Server.
Changing the Flexnet lmadmin License Server Manager Port Number
You change the port number of the Flexnet lmadmin License Server Manager if the default port 8888 is dedicated to other application or blocked by your firewall.
Repairing a Network License
You repair damaged network licenses so they become available to check out by WorkStations, client tools, and Enterprise Servers.
Diagnostics View
Use the Diagnostics view to list the licenses with license details located on the License Server, or local on a WorkStation or Enterprise Server.
License Server Address View
Use the License Server Address view to specify the address to the License Server.
License Activation Dialog Box
Use the License Activation dialog box to list and to activate licenses from an entitlement.

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