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How to How to 1/16/2019
Products: Automation Server, AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 2.0, 2.1

Saving an Event View Standard Layout

You save a standard layout to make a change to the Events pane or an Event View layout available to all users.

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To save an Event View standard layout
  1. In WorkStaton, in the Events pane or an Event View, right-click anywhere in the column header row and then click Add/Remove columns .

  2. Select the columns that you want to add or clear columns that you want to remove from the Alarm View standard layout.

  3. Click OK .

  4. Move the Events pane or Event View columns to the position where you want them by dragging the column heading.

  5. Click the arrow that appears next to a column heading to choose ascending or descending alphanumeric sort order for the content of that column.

  6. Right-click the column heading row and select Group box .

  7. Drag a column heading to the group box to group the events by that category.

  8. Right-click anywhere in the Events pane or Event View, point to Event View settings and then click Save as standard layout .

The standard layout is applied on the Events pane or the Event View from which you made the changes and is applied when a user opens the Events pane or Event View.

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