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Products: DI-16, RTD-DI-16, UI-16
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Input Modules

arrow1_rotationDI-16 Central IO Module arrow1_rotationUI-16 Central IO Module arrow1_rotationRTD-DI-16 Central IO Module

Input modules support a single electrical type, such as digital or universal inputs. The available input modules include the following:

  • DI-16

  • UI-16

  • RTD-DI-16

DI-16 Central IO Module

The DI-16 Central IO module is a digital input, 16-channel I/O module. You can use the DI-16 Central IO module for sensing of multiple dry digital inputs in applications such as equipment status or alarm point monitoring.

The maximum counter frequency is 25 Hz on all sixteen inputs. This input type is useful in metering applications.

The following input types are supported:

  • Digital input

  • Dry contact, Open Collector, or Open Drain

For more information, see DI-16 Central IO Module .

UI-16 Central IO Module

The UI-16 Central IO module is a 16-channel universal input I/O module with status indicators for each of the inputs. You can use this module for any mix of temperature, pressure, flow, status points, and similar inputs in a control system with a 0-10 V input range and a 12-bit A/D conversion. You can also make adjustments for various sensor types using the available pull-up resistors.

The following input types are supported:

  • Dry contact closing

  • Voltage 0–10 V

  • Current 0–20 mA

  • Thermistor – 10k Type I (Continuum), 10k Type II (I/NET), 10k Type III (Satchwell), 10k Linearized (Satchwell D?T), 10k Type IV (FD), and 10k Type V (FD w/ 11k shunt)

  • Thermistor – 1.8k (Xenta)

  • Thermistor – 1k (Balco)

  • Thermistor – 20k (Honeywell)

  • Thermistor – 2.2k (Johnson Controls)

  • Supervised

For more information, see UI-16 Central IO Module .

RTD-DI-16 Central IO Module

A Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) is a sensing element that uses the change in the resistance of a metal, such as platinum or nickel, to measure temperature ranges from -50 °C to 150 °C (-58 to +302 °F). Due to their accuracy and repeatability, RTDs are used in scientific and industrial applications to measure temperature for kilns, gas turbine exhaust, diesel engines, and other industrial processes as well as for room temperature measurement.

The RTD-DI-16 Central IO module is a 16-channel I/O module with 1 return per 2 inputs. It supports the following input types:

  • RTD temperature including:

    • Pt100

    • Pt1000

    • Ni1000

    • LG-Ni1000

    • JCI-Ni1000

  • RTD resistive including:

    • 100 ohm

    • 1,000 ohm

  • Resistive including 0 to 15 kohm

  • Digital

  • Counter

The RTD connection type is either a 2-wire or 3-wire configuration with a 3-wire RTD using 2 inputs. For more information, see RTD-DI-16 Central IO Module .

  • Central IO Modules
  • DI-16 Central IO Module
  • UI-16 Central IO Module
  • RTD-DI-16 Central IO Module