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How to How to 6/5/2014
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Creating User Account for Offline System

You create an user account to access Smartstruxure Registration Portal.


Ensure that you have noted the System Identifier from User Registration window after logging into an offline Building Operation system.

To create user account for offline system
  1. Log on to Building Operation Workstation.

  2. Click Register now .

  3. Note the System Idenditier provided in step1.

  4. Access the URL provided in step2 of above screen from a computer having Internet access.

  5. In the User name box, type the name for the user.

  6. In the Password box, type a password for the user.

  7. In the Confirm Password box, type the password again.

  8. In the Confirm Email box, type the user's email again.

  9. In the Email box, type the user's email.

  10. In the System ID box, type the System Identifier.

  11. In the Type the letters box, type the ReCAPTCHA characters.

  12. Click Create Account .

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