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Products: AS-P Smoke Control, Automation Server Smoke Control, IP-IO Smoke Control, MP-C Smoke Control, MP-V Smoke Control
Functionalities: Smoke Control
Product version: 2.0

SEBOX121806 Enclosure

The SEBOX121806 is a 5.9-inch deep (150 mm) compact, multi-purpose box. Its features include a reversible door with invisible hinges that open 120 degrees, a standard 3mm double bar lock with screw driver lock feature and a foamed-in polyurethane gasket door that prevents water and dust migration. An optional key lock is also available. You can order the enclosures with an optional perforated back platel using the P suffix on the model. The SEBOX121806 is designed for use with EcoStruxure Building Operation components, such as Automation Servers, Power Supplies, MP-X IP controllers and Input/Output modules.

The SEBOX121806 is a wall-mounted enclosure with the following dimensions:

  • Height: 11.8 inch (300 mm)

  • Width: 17.7 inch (450 mm)

  • Depth: 5.9 inch (150 mm)

  • Cubic inch volume: 1232 (20250 cu. cm)

For more information, see Mounting a UL 864 Smoke Control Enclosure .

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