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Products: AS-P Smoke Control, Automation Server Smoke Control, PS-24V
Functionalities: Smoke Control
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

PS-24V Power Supply Module

The PS-24V is mounted on the Terminal Base model TB-PS-W1. The TB-PS-W1 appears similar to the TB-AS-W1 terminal base as seen in the figures in the section that follows. For more information, see AS-P and AS-P-NLS Installation .

They differ in the printed circuit board function provided in each.

There may be multiple PS-24V modules on an I/O bus, but there must be one located in the first, leftmost position on the bus (directly to the left of the Smoke Control Server). The connector extending from the right side of the first TB-PS-W1 base is the beginning of the I/O bus. The TB-ASP-W1 terminal base (holding the AS-P-SMK or AS-P-NLS-SMK) the TB-ASP-W1 base (holding the Automation Server AS-SMK), is located adjacent and to the right of the first PS-24V. The TB-ASP-W1 base slides to the left on the DIN rail to receive and mate with the connector extending from the TB-PS-W1 base.

The PS-24V receives input power in the form of 24 VAC +/-20% (60VA max) and delivers a 24 VDC +/-1V (30W) to the terminal base backplane. In smoke control applications, the 24-30 VDC power input capability is not used. The terminal base is typically wired before plugging in electronic module (the PS-24V). Only terminals 1, 2 and 4 are used in the power supply terminal base for power input. The following diagram shows the terminations.

action_zoom_plus_stroke PS-24V Wiring Terminals

PS-24V Wiring Terminals

You connect a PS-24V power supply module as follows:

  • Connect a 24 VAC source (from one of the transformers listed in this guide) to terminals 1 and 2 on the terminal base using 18 AWG (or larger) wire

  • Connect terminal 4 to the Earth or Signal ground rail in the enclosure using 16 AWG (or larger) wire

  • Use the power budget table to determine how many and what type of Central IO modules you can power from this PS-24V module. You must also use the table to determine where you must install another PS-24V module to power additional Central IO modules.

    For more information, see Power Rating .

You must connect the additional PS-24V modules to 24 VAC input power as shown.


The specifications for the PS-24V are as follows:

Power Input

AC Input Voltage

24VAC Class 2

AC Input Range

+/- 20% 50/50Hz

Maximum Current

2.5 A rms

Transformer Size

60VA or larger

Power Output

DC Output

24VDC +/- 1VDC

Maximum Power



Op. Temperature

0 to 50 o C

32 to 122 o F


95% Max.



Housing Rating


Plastic Rating


action_zoom_plus_stroke PS-24V Power Supply

PS-24V Power Supply

PS-24V Power Supply Status LED

The PS-24V Status LED indicates the condition of the device as follows:

Table: Power Supply Status LED Patterns

LED Patterns

Condition of the PS-24V

Green, constant

Output voltage and load OK

Red/green, flashing

Output slightly overloaded

Red, constant

Output overloaded

No light

No input power

The Main Power LED is illuminated when the module receives 24 VAC power.

The LEDs provided on the PS-24V, the Smoke Control Servers and all of the Central IO modules are intended to support diagnostic and service functions for the modules. For more information, see Module and MP Controller Status LEDs .

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