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How to How to 7/23/2021
Products: Commission, IP-IO , MP-C, MP-V, RP-C
Functionalities: Engineering, BACnet/IP devices
Product version: 3.3, 2022

Viewing an I/O Checkout Report

You view an I/O checkout report when checkout of all objects in the controller is complete. The report is created when you are performing I/O checkout and select the Save button. The report is saved in the BACnet/IP controller within diagnostic files.

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After you have wired the physical inputs and outputs of the controller, you perform I/O checkout to verify that the wiring was done correctly and that the physical inputs and outputs are working properly.

For more information, see Performing I/O Checkout .

I/O Checkout Status

The I/O checkout status of each input and output can be found in the Inputs and Outputs view. Prior to the first I/O checkout, Status is New . The checkout statuses of all the inputs and outputs in a BACnet/IP device are displayed as the Checkout status of the controller, in the Device List view.

I/O Checkout Report

When you perform I/O checkout and select Save , an I/O checkout report is generated within the BACnet/IP controller. This report is saved to the Diagnostic Files in the BACnet/IP controller and can be viewed from WorkStation onced the device is hosted.

Commissioning Log

During I/O checkout, the Commission mobile application creates a commissioning log file in which the steps performed are automatically saved. This log file is created in the MP-V controller and can be viewed from WorkStation.

To view an I/O checkout report
  1. In the Inputs and Outputs page, select the Report icon.

  2. In the Export Report dialog box, change the report file name.

  3. In the Location box, copy the file path of where the report is stored.

  4. Select Ok .


    To clear the I/O checkout report, select the Clear Report button on the top right of the screen.

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