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Products: SpaceLogic Sensors
Functionalities: 3-button, Hardware
Product version: 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Backlighting in the SpaceLogic Sensor 3-Button Cover Model

When the room occupant presses the buttons on the SmartX Sensor 3-Button Cover model to increase or decrease the temperature setpoint, the backlight changes from deep blue at the low end of the range, to deep red at the top end of the range. Each button push causes a 10% increase or decrease in the range. The backlight flashes rapidly three time to indicate the top or bottom of range has been reached.

For example, the maximum setpoint is 75, the minimum is 65, the current setpoint is 68 and the backlight is blue. Each time you press the

button, the blue backlight becomes fainter and the red backlight becomes brighter. If either the upper or lower limits are reached, the backlight blinks rapidly three times.

If you are unable to change the setpoint, the backlight blinks rapidly three times in the current setpoint color. For more information, see Changing the Temperature Setpoint .

action_zoom_plus_stroke SpaceLogic Sensor 3-button cover model LED behavior

SpaceLogic Sensor 3-button cover model LED behavior

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