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Products: IP-IO
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

IP-IO Module LEDs

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There are three LEDs on the front panel of the IP-IO module.

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IP-IO module LEDs

Table: IP-IO Module LEDs



Status (IP-IO module)


Ethernet 1


Ethernet 2



The IP-IO module Ethernet and Status indicators comprise two LEDs (green/yellow and green/red respectively) in one structure.

The LEDs indicate status of the IP-IO module and the ongoing communication.

Status LED

The IP-IO module Status LED indicates the condition of the device.

Table: IP-IO Module Status LED Patterns

LED Patterns


Green, constant

Normal operation, status OK

IP-IO module firmware application running

Green, flashing (~1 Hz)

Device restarting, wait

IP-IO module firmware application running

Red, constant

Detected error, attention required

Red, flashing (~1 Hz)

Device operates, but a problem needs attention

Red/green, flashing (~1 Hz)

IP-IO module I/O board receiving software upgrade, wait

Do not interrupt power to the I/O module. For more information, see the following Important note.

Amber, constant

IP-IO module firmware boot applet running

Amber, flash

Device restarting, wait

IP-IO module firmware boot applet started

Amber/green, flashing (~1 Hz)

IP-IO module firmware is being upgraded. It is typically the firmware main application, but it can also be a boot applet.


Avoid power interruptions to the device during the brief period when the Status LED is flashing red and green. An interruption causes problems with the I/O processor upgrade and can result in corrupt firmware. You can view the evidence of a corrupt processor when the device reports itself as an “MP-C-15A.” A corrupt I/O processor can lead to the loss of the reset button and/or I/O functionality, as well as the inability to upgrade the I/O processor and/or the device.

Ethernet LEDs

The Ethernet (1 and 2) LEDs indicate the condition of the Ethernet communication.

Table: Ethernet LED Patterns

LED Patterns


Green, flashing

10 Mbit communication

Yellow, flashing

100 Mbit communication

Green/yellow, constant

10/100 Mbit link connected, no activity

No light

No link, no activity

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