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How to

How to

Products: WebStation
Functionalities: Dashboards
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

Configuring an Alarm Count

You configure an alarm count to get a graphical representation of alarms.

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An alarm count displays the number of alarms from the EcoStruxure Building Operation system.

You can apply a filter to select the alarms based on the alarm fields.

Alarm count does not count the acknowledged alarms. Alarm count only displays the number of alarms in alarm state.

To configure an alarm count
  1. Right-click the dashboard and click Edit dashboard .

  2. Click Configure or click the Settings button


  3. In the Alarm Count dialog box, click the Add filter button

    if you want to apply a filter on the alarms.

  4. In the Period box, select a period.

  5. In the Caption box, type a caption.

  6. In the Caption link box, enter a link to an object that is relevant for the alarm count.

  7. In the Show period box, select True to display the period as a legend.

  8. Click OK .

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