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How to

How to

Products: Commission, IP-IO , MP-C, MP-V, RP-C, RP-V
Functionalities: Engineering
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Providing Customer Feedback in the Commission Mobile Application

You can select the Feedback option to rate your experiences and provide detailed information on the Commission mobile application.

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The Commission mobile application allows you to use a mobile device to perform commissioning, flow balance, and checkout operations on SpaceLogic BACnet/IP devices. BACnet/IP devices include BACnet/IP controllers (MP and RP), and IP-IO modules. The Commission mobile application is available for Android and iOS (Apple) phones and tablets, as well as devices using Microsoft Windows 10. The Commission mobile application can connect to a single BACnet/IP device or to a network of BACnet/IP devices on the local network.

Device Connection

The Commission mobile application supports device connection through BACnet Wi-Fi and wireless Bluetooth connection.

For more information, see Device Connection .

Bluetooth Adapter

The SpaceLogic Bluetooth Adapter allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection to MP controllers. You plug the Bluetooth Adapter into the corresponding SpaceLogic Sensor to connect to the controller.

For more information, see SpaceLogic Bluetooth Adapter .

Device Configuration

You download an image to a BACnet/IP controller to facilitate device commissioning tasks and then use the Device Settings view to configure the settings of the BACnet/IP controller.

For more information, see BACnet/IP Controller Device Settings .

Configuration Menu

Configuration Menus are a group of pre-engineered objects and values that make device commissioning faster and easier. Configuration Menus are exported and downloaded from image files. Download a Configuration Menu to a BACnet/IP controller to commission the controller.

For more information, see Configuration Menu .

I/O Checkout

After you have wired the physical inputs and outputs of the controller, you perform I/O checkout to verify that the wiring was done correctly and that the physical inputs and outputs are working properly.

For more information, see I/O Checkout Overview .

Flow Balancing

The Flow Balance function of the Commission mobile application is used to air balance terminal boxes controlled by MP-V controllers. This function automates most of the air balance procedure but it also allows you to manually check out the flow balance by driving the damper to a specified position, a flow setpoint, or a flow value.

For more information, see Flow Balancing .

Device Restart

Use the Device Restart function of the Commission mobile application to perform a restart of the BACnet/IP controller. There are four different ways to restart the BACnet/IP controller.

For more information, see Device Restart .

To provide customer feedback on the Commission mobile application
  1. On the main page of the Commission mobile application, click the More icon at the bottom of the page.

    The More menu displays with a number of submenu items included.

  2. Under the Get Support section, click Feedback .

    On that Feedback page, you are then asked if you would recommend EcoStruxure Building Commission to a friend or colleague.


    If you are using a Windows device, you will be prompted to leave feedback through Microsoft’s Feedback Hub. Steps 3 on in this procedure are applicable only to iOS and Android devices.

  3. Rate the app now by clicking one of the five stars on the page.

  4. Provide more specific feedback about your experiences using the mobile app when prompted.


    There is a 2,000 character limit on the feedback you provide.

  5. Click Submit and you may be prompted to do the following:

    Rate us on the Play Store / App Store.

    Recommend EcoStruxure Building Operation Commission to others by leaving us a review.

  6. Click Rate us and you immediately go the Google Play Store / Apple App Store where you can provide your feedback.

  7. Click Remind me later and you will be reminded again in three days to provide your feedback.

  8. Click No thanks and in six months, you will be prompted again to provide a rating in the App Store.

    After submitting feedback on the Commission mobile application, you receive a message thanking you for your feedback.

  • Commission Mobile Application Overview