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Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Device Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: Hardware, License Management
Product version: 2023

Return Demo Licenses on Automation Servers

You remove demo licenses from automation server using Device Administrator.

When you return demo licenses from automation servers, make sure that you do it with the same demo license file that was used to install the demo licenses.

If you are using a Device Administrator than does not contain the original demo license file, you must do one the following:

  • Add the original demo license file to the Device Administrator you want to use for the return.

  • Rename any demo license file so that it matches the name of the original demo license file that was used when assigned the demo licenses on the automation servers. Add the renamed demo license file to Device Administrator.

    If you do not know the name of the demo license file you can log on to the automation server with WorkStation. Open System/LicenseManager/LicenseMetadata/ClientMetadata/Product*. The name is in ProductID in the property dialog box for the demo license file object.

For more information, see Removing Demo Licenses File from Device Administrator .

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