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Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool, RP-C
Functionalities: Engineering, RP Controller Expansion Modules
Product version: 2023

Upgrade the Insight-Sensor Mask Editor to EBO 5.0.3

If you created your masks in a software version prior to EcoStruxure BMS version 5.0.3, your masks may not meet the latest requirements and display in the new mask editor. For example, your old mask will not display under the following circumstances:

  • If it has more than 1 inclusion area

  • If it has 1 inclusion area that is not a rectangle with all sides square with the mask editor window edges

You need to convert that old mask in order for it to display. For more information, see Insight-Sensor Masks .

  • Insight-Sensor Masks
  • Creating an Insight-Sensor Mask
  • Configuring a Mask Exclusion Area