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Products: Script Editor
Functionalities: Programming
Product version: 2023, 2024

Script Data File Errors

The following errors identify problems that you may encounter when using Script data files. When one of the listed errors is present, it appears in the Error property of the Script program accessing the data file.

Table: Table: Script Data File Error Messages



DataFile invalid binding

A binding from the Script program to a data file is missing. Datafile binding variables in a Script program must be bound to data files in the same server as the program.

DataFile index out of bounds

Attempt to read or write a cell in a data file where the requested column or row is greater than the number of columns or rows respectively in the referenced data file.

DataFile error opening

An error occurred when opening the data file.

DataFile error saving

An error occurred when saving the data file.

DataFile not opened

Data file has not been opened. A data file must be opened with an Open system function before any other data file operation is performed in a Script program.

Unknown exception

Attempt to read a cell where the datatype of the data in the cell differs from the datatype used in the Read() Script code.

DataFile has reached maximum capacity

Data file exceeds 10,000 Kbytes of memory space.

Reduce the size of the data file to correct this.

DataFile error set cell value

This error occurs during a write operation if you are missing one or more write parameters - dataf1.Write(1)

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