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Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 2024

Sustainability Pack

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action_zoom_plus_stroke EcoStruxure Building Operation Sustainability Pack

EcoStruxure Building Operation Sustainability Pack


Schneider Electric is a leading provider of Building Management Systems. EcoStruxure Building provides HVAC control, alarm monitoring, fire detection, security, and environmental monitoring for commercial buildings worldwide.

The Sustainability Pack is an add-on module to the EcoStruxure Building Operation software that helps building owners and facility managers more efficiently meet resource usage goals for not only electrical energy, but also water, gas, steam, or any other valuable resource that can be measured.


The Sustainability Pack offers efficient and easy-to-use methods for managing metering in EcoStruxure Building Operation. Powerful built-in functions ensure measured resources can be tracked, normalized, reported, visualized, and even send alarms when resource usage is suspiciously high or low.

Meter management

With the meter management functionality, EcoStruxure Building Operation offers improved methods to ensure data is accurate and meter changes are automatically detected. In addition, purpose-built functions enable easier handling of the following concepts:

  • Aggregations

  • Virtual metering

  • Apportioned metering

  • Unit conversions

The meter hierarchy function ensures energy usage is not double counted and enables user-friendly reporting.

Normalization and signatures

The normalization functions help with benchmarking, and the signature function enables automation and/or alerting when resource usage is too high or low. This enables early detection of faulty equipment and misused building functions, resulting in energy savings and higher occupant satisfaction.

The system includes easy-to-use tools for regression analysis and powerful methods for time-period classification, that is, differentiation of workdays versus holidays.


Enhancements to the built-in reporting lower the skill threshold level. Report templates in XLSX (Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice) and PDF format are available to everyone, but they are especially useful for Sustainability Pack users. The report templates can be used as is, but they can also be adapted to customer-specific needs.


The dashboard functionality in the EcoStruxure Building Operation software is extended with methods to visualize energy use in buildings through Sankey diagrams. With little effort, energy usage and its distributions across equipment types, rooms, floors, buildings, or even regions and countries for very large installations can be displayed. This feature can have a positive impact on occupant behavior and thus energy use.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Dashboard with Sankey diagram

Dashboard with Sankey diagram

Powered by EcoStruxure Building Operation

Using and being highly integrated into the core of EcoStruxure Building Operation, the Sustainability Pack offers an option for customers who want to advance energy metering steps beyond what the energy companies offer on their invoices or websites. This without having to install new servers and new infrastructure. There are also major cybersecurity benefits to having both building management and energy management in the same system.


EcoStruxure Building Operation software
version 6.0.1 and later
Part numbers
Sustainability Pack option
For one automation server or Edge Server
Sustainability Pack option
For one Enterprise Server for Windows
Sustainability Pack option
For one Enterprise Server for Linux
Sustainability Pack option
For one Enterprise Central for Windows
Sustainability Pack option
For one Enterprise Central for Linux
  • Enterprise Central
  • Enterprise Server
  • SpaceLogic AS-P
  • SpaceLogic AS-B
  • Edge Server