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Products: AS-B, Device Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2024

Semi Online System

A special case is semi online system where the automation server is not connected to Internet but Devices Administrator is connected to internet.

A semi online system contains two parts.

  • A network with automation servers. This network cannot connect to Internet and have no possibility to access License Activation Sever (FNO).

  • A computer running Device Administrator that is connected to Internet and have access to License Activation Server (FNO). This computer can also connect to at least one of the automation servers on the network with the automation servers.

A semi online system is treated as online for licensing purposes. If you are using a semi online system, you do not have use the licensing offline workflows.

  • Automation Server Licensing Overview
  • Assign and Activate Licenses
  • Return Licenses on Automation Servers
  • Reclaim Licenses