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User Interface

User Interface

Products: Enterprise Server, Function Block Editor, Graphics Editor, WorkStation, Script Editor
Functionalities: Basic Functionality, Upgrade
Product version: 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Installation Wizard – Choose Components Page

Use the Choose Components page to define which products to install.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Choose Components page

Choose Components page

Table: Choose Components Page



Device Administrator

Select to install Device Administrator, which you use to connect to automation servers and upgrade them.

License Administrator

Select to install the License Administrator, which​ ​you use to configure and maintain the license system.

License Server

Select to install the license server, which ​you use to manage network licenses.


Select to install WorkStation, which you ​use to configure and supervise your EcoStruxure BMS.

Graphics Editor

Select to install Graphics Editor, which you ​use to create and edit graphics that represent a site or device.

Script Editor

Select to install Script Editor, which you ​use to create custom script program for your Building Automation System.

Menta / Function Block Editor

Select to install Menta Editor and Function Block Editor, which you ​use to graphically design function block programs for Xenta 280/300/401 LonWorks devices and automation servers.

Continuum Conversion Tool

Select to install the Continuum Conversion Tool, which you use to move your Andover Continuum legacy Building Management System to EcoStruxure BMS.

For more information, see Continuum Conversion Overview .

Workplace Tech Editor

Select to install Workplace Tech Editor, which you use to program, modify, and compile control applications for MNL LonWorks devices.

The WorkPlace Tech Editor component requires the installation of the appropriate version of Microsoft Visio.

For more information, see WorkPlace Tech Editor .

For more information, see EcoStruxure Building Operation Software Requirements .

Language Packs

Select to install the languages available for the user interface of the installed components.

Enterprise Server

Select to install Enterprise Server, which you use to administer your EcoStruxure BMS site. Software Administrator is also installed.

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