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Concept Concept 1/21/2022
Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 3.2, 3.3, 2022

Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Move, Rename, and Delete

You can copy, paste, duplicate, move, rename, and delete objects from the EcoStruxure Building Operation database at any time. To help you identify the object references that are affected when you delete an object, the EcoStruxure Building Operation software displays a dialog box with information about references.


Paste removes all external references that are relative but keeps absolute and locked references. 

Paste Special

Paste Special does the same thing as Paste but with the added benefit of keeping all of the external references. For more information, see Bindings Included in Different Operations .


Duplicate creates the configured number of copies of a selected object in one single operation. You can duplicate container objects, for example, folders with complete structures. Duplicate allows you to rename the objects before creating.


Move does not affect the references. When you move an object, that object still references the same objects it referenced before you moved it. Objects referring to a moved object still refer to the same object after the move. Object cannot be moved between EcoStruxure BMS servers however.


Objects that are referring to each other do not lose their references if you change the name of an object. The EcoStruxure Building Operation software automatically updates any references after you have renamed an object.


When deleting an object, you can select to keep the reference in other objects to the object you want to delete. You can then add a new object with the same name on the same location and all references are valid. This can be used if you, for example want to replace an analog value with a digital value or a multistate value.


If some of the objects are offline during a rename or delete, the system cannot update the references. In this case, the system informs you of the references that cannot be updated. You can still complete the procedure, but you have to keep track of the reference that are not updated. You can repair the references when the offline object is online again.


When changing the name of a folder or EcoStruxure BMS server, you also have to reconfigure users and user groups path permissions to this EcoStruxure BMS server or folder. For more information, see Path Permissions .

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