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Products: PS-24V
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

PS-24V Power Supplies

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PS-24V is the power supply for the AS-P servers and Central IO modules. The PS-24V power supply requires an input voltage of either 24 VAC +/–20 % or 24–30 VDC.

The PS-24V power supply is based on the patented two-piece design. Each PS-24V device consists of an electronics module and a terminal base.

PS-24V is usually installed on a DIN rail in a cabinet and provides power to the subsequent devices in the chain through the terminal base backplane. A PS-24V power supply consumes one address position, even though the address is not used.

A system may contain more than one PS-24V to supply the power needed, depending on the type and number of connected devices. A power budget table can be used for proper calculations. For more information, see Power Budget .

The output voltage is 24 VDC supplied on the backplane, maximum 30 W. If the output is overloaded, the power is automatically shut down and the Status LED turns red. At an interval of a couple of seconds the power supply retries to switch on the power output. This is sometimes called ‘the hiccup mode’. For more information, see Power Supply Overload .

The power supply has galvanic isolation between the primary (input power) and secondary (output power) side of the power supply.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Power supply PS-24V

Power supply PS-24V

Electronics Modules

The electronics module is the main component of SpaceLogic devices that are based on the patented two-piece design. The electronics module is installed on a terminal base, which constitutes the second component of the device.

For more information, see Electronics Modules .

Terminal Bases

The terminal bases are used for SpaceLogic devices that are based on the patented two-piece design. The terminal base provides the I/O bus to the electronics module installed on the terminal base as well as to the SpaceLogic device installed to the right (next terminal base in the chain).

For more information, see Terminal Bases .

Power Supply and Terminal Base Models

The PS-24V power supply consists of the following electronics module and terminal base models.


PS-24V a

TB-PS-W1 a

  1. The electronics module and terminal base models are available in variants named PS-24V-BAA and TB-PS-W1-BAA respectively. These variants are included in a Buy American Act (BAA) compliant bundle along with the AS-P-SBA server. For more information, see the SpaceLogic PS-24V Specification Sheet. PS-24V-BAA and TB-PS-W1-BAA do not differ from PS-24V and TB-PS-W1 in terms of hardware and functionality.

Power Supply PS-24V LEDs

There are two LEDs on the front panel of the PS-24V. The LEDs indicate status for input and output power.

For more information, see Power Supply PS-24V LEDs .

Power Budget

Use the power budget to calculate the maximum number of devices that the power supply can supply. If more devices are used, additional power supplies must be added to the I/O bus.

For more information, see Power Budget .


DC output
24 VDC
+/-1 VDC
Maximum power
30 W
AC input
Nominal voltage
24 VAC
Operating voltage range
+/- 20 %
50/60 Hz
Maximum current
2.5 A rms
Recommended transformer rating
60 VA or higher
DC input
Nominal voltage
24 to 30 VDC
Operating voltage range
21 to 33 VDC
Maximum power consumption
40 W
Ambient temperature, operating
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Ambient temperature, storage
-20 to +70 °C (-4 to +158 °F)
Maximum humidity
95 % RH non-condensing
Plastic flame rating
Ingress protection rating
IP 20
Dimensions including terminal base
90 W x 114 H x 64 D mm (3.6 W x 4.5 H x 2.5 D in.)
Weight including terminal base
0.285 kg (0.63 lb)
Weight excluding terminal base
0.186 kg (0.41 lb)

Internal Configuration

The PS-24V power supply module does not connect to the address and communication busses in the terminal base. The AC/DC converter terminals L/+ and N/- are isolated from the circuits on the secondary side of the converter. You can wire these terminals without concern for polarity matching, but it is good practice to connect the positive supply voltage to L/+ and the negative supply voltage to N/- in order to prevent confusion.

action_zoom_plus_stroke PS-24V internal configuration

PS-24V internal configuration

The earth ground terminal (

) on the PS-24V power supply is connected to signal ground, which is the same as the negative output from the power supply. The purpose of this connection is to comply with EMC directives.

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