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How to How to 5/14/2019
Products: ​License Administrator, ​License Server
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1

Resetting the License Server

You reset the License Server if it does not work correctly.


Loss of data

  • Return all the licenses to the License Activation Server before you reset the License Server. Resetting the License Server erases the licenses on the License Server.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in loss of data.

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If problems with the License Server or activated licenses occur, you may have to reset the License Server. All details about activated licenses on the License Server are compiled in files that start with "taclic" and have the .data extension. The file name string after "taclic" can differ. An example of the License Server file name is taclic_00249e00_tsf.data. The license details files are created the first time a license is activated on the License Server. By deleting the files you reset the License Server.

The license files are located in \ProgramData\FLEXnet.

Before deleting the License Server files, you have to return all activated network licenses to the License Activation Server.

  • If you delete the License Server files, all activated network licenses are lost.

To reset the License Server
  1. In License Administrator, click the Licenses view.

  2. In the Licenses view, select all the network licenses.

  3. On the Licenses toolbar, click the Remove/return license button .

  4. In the Licenses dialog box, click Yes .

  5. In the License Administrator , click Close .

  6. Close all EcoStruxure Building Operation programs that are running.

  7. Stop the License Server.

  8. In the License Server application folder, remove all .data files that start with taclic .

    The license files are located in \ProgramData\FLEXnet.

  9. Start the License Server.

  10. Reactivate the returned network licenses.

When you reactivate all returned network licenses, new License Server .data files are created together with the activation of the first license.


If the licenses cannot be returned, contact your local Customer Care Center to manually enter the license files into their server.

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