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User Interface

User Interface

Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Virtual Project Servers
Functionalities: Alarms
Product version: 2023, 2024

Alarm Control Panel Properties

Use the Alarm Control Panel Properties to view the referenced lead object.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Alarm Control Panel properties

Alarm Control Panel properties

Table: Alarm Control Panel Properties



Lead object

Displays the referenced lead object from which all configuration data is copied. For more information, see Lead and Shadow Relationship .

Decimal symbol

Select the decimal symbol to be used in the notification and the notification report template.

Substitute missing data with

Enter the text that is displayed when a value is missing. By default, a missing value displays nothing at all.

Low alarm priority is more important

Select True to set the highest alarm priority to 1.

Select False to set the highest alarm priority to 999.

The change is applied the next time a user logs on.

Disable multi select

Select True to prevent the user from multi select alarms.

Select False to make it possible for the user to multi select alarms.

The change is applied the next time a user logs on.

  • General Information Properties – Basic Tab
  • Lead and Shadow Relationship
  • Control Panel