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Concept Concept 11/23/2022
Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, Function Block Editor, Graphics Editor, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool, Script Editor, HMI Kiosk, SmartXKiosk
Functionalities: Programming, Engineering, Graphics, Import/Export
Product version: 2022

Engineering Tools Overview

You engineer your system using the engineering tools.

Spreadsheet Overview

You use the Spreadsheet view to create and edit multiple objects and to save time.

For more information, see Spreadsheet Overview .

Bindings Overview

A binding is a connection between two or more variables for data exchange. In its simplest form, a binding consists of a source and a destination. The source supplies the value to the destination.

For more information, see Bindings Overview .

Text Reports Overview

A text report provides a simple and quick method of obtaining a customized view of object property attributes.

For more information, see Text Reports Overview .

Import and Export Overview

A solution or application is a user-created object or group of objects that perform a control process. Examples of creatable objects include networks, devices, programs, binding templates, graphics, trends, and alarms.

For more information, see Import and Export Overview .

Script Overview

Script programs are text-based instructions that tell the EcoStruxure BMS server to take some kind of action to control a building.

For more information, see Script Overview .

Function Block Editor Overview

Function Block Editor is a graphical programming tool for EcoStruxure BMS servers and MP controllers, which you use to create function block programs that control and monitor building automation systems. For example, you create a basic program, called OfficeLight, to control lighting in a room based on occupancy.

For more information, see Function Block Editor Overview .

Builder for Function Block Overview

Visual programming in Builder for Function Block allows users of EcoStruxure BMS to create, edit and configure Function Block programs that control and monitor building automation systems by manipulating program elements graphically instead of specifying them textually.

For more information, see Builder for Function Block Overview .

Graphics Editor Overview

​You can use Graphics Editor to create and edit graphics representing a site and the devices that make up the site.

For more information, see Graphics Editor .

Project Configuration Tool Overview

Project Configuration Tool, with Project Configuration Tool client and WorkStation, is an offline engineering platform that is used for project configuration, virtual EcoStruxure BMS server configuration, and deployment. Project Configuration Tool supports the major communication protocols in the same way as other EcoStruxure Building Operation software products.

For more information, see Project Configuration Tool Overview .

Vista Conversion Overview

To assess whether or not to convert a Vista system to an EcoStruxure BMS, you run an analysis of the Vista database export file to get information on the potential outcome of a conversion. The analysis is performed in TAC Vista Conversion Tool. If the analysis confirms that the Vista database is suitable for conversion, you can convert the database in TAC Vista Conversion Tool.

For more information, see Vista Conversion Overview .

Continuum Conversion Overview

Conversion is the process by which a customer's site is moved from Andover Continuum's legacy Building Management System to the EcoStruxure BMS. The Continuum Conversion Tool takes an ASCII dump from the Continuum system and creates EcoStruxure Building Operation objects that correspond to the objects in the ASCII dump file.

For more information, see Continuum Conversion Overview .

HMI Kiosk Overview

HMI Kiosk allows you to configure AD v3 as a dedicated HMI for local access to EcoStruxure BMS servers.

For more information, see HMI Kiosk Overview .

SmartXKiosk Overview

SmartXKiosk allows you to configure AD v2 and AD v1 as a dedicated HMI for local access to EcoStruxure BMS servers.

For more information, see SmartXKiosk Overview .

AD-Link Overview

AD-Link allows you to use a USB connection for TCP/IP network communication between AD v2 or AD v1 and an EcoStruxure BMS server.

For more information, see AD-Link Overview .

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