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Creating an Alarm Triggered Notification
You configure an alarm triggered notification to notify users when an alarm condition is met.
Acknowledged Style Properties
Use the Acknowledged Style properties to edit and view the colors and fonts of alarms in Alarms pane and Alarm Views that are in acknowledged state.
Restricting the Permission to Change the Alarm State Sort Order
You restrict the permission to change the alarm state sort order when you want to make sure that a user account group or a user account does not change the alarm state sort order for all users or alarm views in a Building Operation system.
Identifying the Source of an Alarm
You identify the source of an alarm when you want to know the cause of an alarm.
Showing a Hidden Alarm
You show a hidden alarm when you want to view or edit an alarm set to Hidden.
Alarms Pane and Alarm View Toolbar
Use the Alarms pane and Alarm View toolbar to manage the alarms.
Adding and Removing Columns in Alarm View and Event View
You add or remove columns to get a better overview of the properies in the Alarm View and Event View.
Alarm and Event View Columns Customization in WebStation
You can customize the columns in an Alarm View and an Event View to make it easier to get an overview over the properties that are displayed in the view.
Filter Objects
You can use filter in WebStation to limit the number of objects displayed in the Alarms pane. The filter reflects the properties so the filtering dialog box looks different depending on what you want to filter on.
Adding and Removing Columns
You temporarily add or remove columns in a pane or View to get a better overview of the properties.

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