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Wiring a Terminal Block
You wire the terminal blocks installed on the AS-B to connect I/O devices, RS-485 network devices, and power.
Wiring a Terminal Base
You can wire a terminal base prior to installing an electronics module.
Connecting AD to AS-P or AS-B
You connect AD to an AS-P or AS-B in order to communicate with SmartStruxure servers over a USB connection, to supply the AD with power, and to ensure that its battery is charged.
Installing the AD v1 Tablet and Frame
You install the AD v1 tablet and the frame on the base to install AD v1 on a control cabinet or a wall and to provide the tablet with a protective frame.
Powering Up an AS-B
You perform the following steps to power up an AS-B.
Installing AS-B on a DIN Rail
You install AS-B on a horizontal DIN rail to ensure that the device is securely fastened and to allow sufficient cooling air flow through the device.
Installing a Terminal Base on a DIN-rail
You install a terminal base on a horizontal DIN-rail prior to connecting it to its neighboring terminal bases.
Connecting AD to Automation Server and a Power Adapter
You connect AD to an Automation Server in order to communicate with SmartStruxure servers over the USB connection. You connect AD to a USB power adapter in order to supply AD with power and to ensure that its battery is charged. You use a USB “Y” cable to connect AD to both an Automation Server and a USB power adapter.
Removing a Terminal Block
You remove a terminal block from AS-B to replace the device.
Installing a Terminal Block
You install the terminal blocks on AS-B to add or enable wiring for the device.

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