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Installing eCommission Bluetooth Adapter on a SmartX Sensor
You install eCommission Bluetooth Adapter on a SmartX Sensor to provide a wireless Bluetooth connection to a SmartX IP controller for commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the controller and the sensor.
Attaching a Lanyard to eCommission Bluetooth Adapter
You attach a lanyard to eCommission Bluetooth Adapter to help keeping the adapter securely on your wrist and to help preventing loss of the adapter.
Changing the PIN of the eCommission Bluetooth Adapter
You change the PIN of the eCommission Adapter for best security practices. The Bluetooth Adapter PIN is engineered to a default code of 333666 and should be changed to a secure code before you perform device commissioning.
Configuring MP-V Controller Setpoints
You configure the MP-V controller setpoints to set up the parameters by which the controller is flow balanced. These setpoints include the maximum flow setpoint, selected by default, and the intermediate and minimum flow setpoints, which are optional.
Connecting to a Controller through Bluetooth
You connect to a controller to begin all commissioning tasks. Through Bluetooth, you can connect to a single controller at a time.
Connecting to a Controller with the Bluetooth Adapter
The Bluetooth Adapter allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection to MP and RP Series controllers. To connect to a device through the Bluetooth Adapter, a SmartX Sensor must be wired to the controller.
Connecting to a Device through WiFi
You connect to a device to begin all commissioning tasks.
Downloading a Configuration Menu to a SmartX IP Controller
You download the Configuration Menu to the SmartX IP controller to configure the device.
Flow Balancing at Maximum, Intermediate, or Minimum Flow Setpoint
Using the eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application, you flow balance a VAV unit at each designated setpoint to achieve the desired air flow.
Manually Verifying the Direction of Damper Rotation
You can manually verify the direction of the damper rotation of an MP-V to verify that the actuator rotates clockwise or counterclockwise to open.

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