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Rechecking Alarms
You recheck alarms to refresh the information in the Alarms pane.
Trend Log Lists in WorkStation
A trend log list displays all values in the trend log in a list.
Assign Dialog Box
Use the Assign dialog box to assign an alarm to a user or a user group.
History Bar
Use the History bar to go back and forward to views you have visited before.
View Menu
Use the View menu to display or hide Workspace components.
Registration Information Dialog Box for Online System
Use the Registration Information dialog box to view the system identifier. If the system has been registered online, the dialog box displays the information to whom the system is registered. If the system is connected to the Internet, you can view the Schneider Electric Privacy Policy page and also edit the registration information.
Configuring Permissions to a Path
You configure the permissions users or user groups have to a path to grant or limit permissions to that path.
Context-Sensitive Path Permissions
You can manage permissions by configuring the permissions for a given user account or user account group to a certain object in the System Tree pane or List View and below that object, for example, a folder and its contents.
Path Permissions Example
A user account group has the full set of path permissions to the Enterprise Server and no permissions to the Servers folder on the Enterprise Server. A single user account has the full set of path permissions to Automation Server 1, but no path permission to Automation Servers 2 and 3. Even though the user account group has no path permission to the Servers folder, it is possible to give individual user accounts access to individual Automation Servers in the Servers folder.

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