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Concept Concept 2/12/2016
Products: AO-8, AO-V-8, DI-16, DO-FA-12, DO-FC-8, RTD-DI-16, UI-16, UI-8/AO-4, UI-8/AO-V-4, UI-8/DO-FC-4
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9

I/O Modules

By adding a variety of I/O and power supply modules, you can use AS-P or Automation Server to tailor the Intelligent Building Management System to your unique requirements.

Power and communications are delivered to the SmartStruxure server device and its family of I/O modules in a common bus, thus allowing them to be plugged together without tools. This simple one-step process involves sliding the modules together using their built-in connectors.

The available I/O modules are designed to accommodate a fixed number of inputs and outputs. For example, several I/O modules, such as digital inputs, only support a single electrical type. Other modules, such as digital inputs mixed with digital outputs, support a combination of electrical types. The various modules enable you to select the right combination of points necessary for your project.

The I/O modules are based on the patented two-piece design. Each I/O module consists of an electronics module and a terminal base.

I/O Module, DO-FC-8-H

I/O Module, DO-FC-8-H

Electronics Modules

The electronics module is the main component of SmartStruxure devices that are based on the patented two-piece design. The electronics module is installed on a terminal base, which constitutes the second component of the device.

For more information, see Electronics Modules .

Terminal Bases

The terminal bases are used for SmartStruxure devices that are based on the patented two-piece design. The terminal base provides the I/O bus to the electronics module installed on the terminal base as well as to the SmartStruxure device installed to the right (next terminal base in the chain).

For more information, see Terminal Bases .

I/O Module LEDs

The I/O modules have the following status indicator LEDs on the front of the module:

  • I/O Module Status LED

  • I/O Channel Status LEDs

For more information, see I/O Module LEDs .

Override Switches and Potentiometers

For I/O modules with outputs, the following components on the front provide control of the output channels:

  • Override switches

  • Potentiometers

For more information, see Override Switches and Potentiometers .

External Device Connections

There are many different kinds of external devices from different vendors that can be connected to a SmartStruxure solution.

For more information, see External Device Connections .

Grounding and Power

It is important to perform the grounding correctly for the following reasons:

  • To design a safe system that is not harmed by minor connection errors.

  • To design a system that works well and is resistant to EMI.

  • To minimize the effects of ground currents that can cause unstable measurements.

For more information, see Grounding and Power .

Input Modules

Input modules support a single electrical type, such as digital or universal inputs. The available input modules include the following:

  • DI-16

  • UI-16

  • RTD-DI-16

For more information, see Input Modules .

Output Modules

Output modules support a number of electrical types, such as digital, tristate, and pulsed digital outputs. The available output modules include the following:

  • DO-FA-12 and DO-FA-12-H

  • DO-FC-8 and DO-FC-8-H

  • AO-8 and AO-8-H

  • AO-V-8 and AO-V-8-H

For more information, see Output Modules .

Mixed Modules

Mixed modules support a combination of electrical types, such as universal inputs mixed with digital outputs. The available mixed modules include the following:

  • UI-8/DO-FC-4 and UI-8/DOFC-4-H

  • UI-8/AO-4 and UI-8/AO-4-H

  • UI-8/AO-V-4 and UI-8/AO-V-4-H

For more information, see Mixed Modules .

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