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Products: IP-IO , MP-C, MP-V
Functionalities: Engineering, Hardware
Product version: 2.0, 2.1

SmartX IP Controller Device Memory

SmartX IP Controller devices have three types of memory:

  • Flash memory: for boot loader, operating system, application software, and configuration storage

  • RAM: for runtime operation

  • FRAM non-volatile memory: for data retention in the case of power outage

You can manually back up or restore SmartX IP Controller devices to a storage location on a PC or network. For more information, see BACnet Backup and Restore

When SmartX IP Controller devices are part of an EcoStruxure BMS, the configuration data automatically resides in the parent EcoStruxure BMS server. The EcoStruxure Building Operation database and the SmartX IP Controller device database are synchronized to help ensure there is always one backup available that can be used to restore the SmartX IP Controller device memory. Scheduled backups can provide additional protection against application and data loss. In addition, device-specific values (for example, AHU or heat pump data) are duplicated in the parent server to facilitate device replacement scenarios.

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