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Products: AS-B, Enterprise Server, MP-C, MP-V, AS-P, SpaceLogic Sensors
Functionalities: Touchscreen
Product version: 2.0, 2.1

SmartX Sensors

SmartX Sensors are a family of living space sensors designed for MP Series controllers using the EcoStruxure Building Operation user interface. These sensors use an RJ-45 sensor bus that provides communication and power from the MP Series controller.

The maximum number of SmartX Sensors you can connect to an MP Series controller depends on the selected combination of cover and sensor base types. The limit also depends on whether an eCommission Bluetooth Adapter is connected to the sensor. For more information, see eCommission SmartX Controllers Tool Connection Options .


The maximum cable length of the sensor bus end to end and per segment is 61 m (200 ft).

SmartX Sensor Modular Bases and Covers

SmartX Sensors are modular and are ordered in two parts: the sensor base and the cover. Four SmartX communicating sensor base models are available as well as a variety of covers.

Typically, you can match any base unit containing temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2), and humidity sensor objects with any combination of front covers including varied button counts, occupancy sensors, and displays. The exception here is the LCD Temperature Sensor which includes its own unique sensor base and cover. You cannot interchange it with other covers or bases.

For more information, see SmartX Sensor Modular Bases and Covers .

SmartX Sensor Models

SmartX Sensors include blank cover and occupancy sensor-only cover models, as well as several models with pushbutton or display-driven user interfaces that allow you to control temperature, occupancy, overrides, and a variety of other settings in a designated living space.

action_zoom_plus_stroke SmartX Sensor models

SmartX Sensor models

For more information, see SmartX Sensor Models .

SmartX Sensor Display Properties

You use the SmartX Sensor Display property tabs in WorkStation to view and configure the UI features of the various sensor models within your control application.

For more information, see SmartX Sensor Display Properties .

Firmware Upgrade

The SmartX Sensor upgrade process is automatic since its firmware is part of the same package you use to upgrade the MP Series controller. That firmware package includes 3 overall files: the I/O board, the CPU board and the SmartX Sensor. Each individual MP Series controller is responsible for upgrading its own SmartX Sensor.

Should you decide to replace or swap a SmartX Sensor, the new unit is automatically loaded with the last MP Series controller firmware package resident in the controller. The MP Series controller saves that file and re-uses it when a SmartX Sensor is replaced.


When replacing a SmartX Sensor, you can replace the sensor with any model of the same family. The MP Series controller recognizes the model and communicates with the replacement device. Additionally, if you decide to replace a temperature and CO2 sensor and then later decide to replace only the temperature sensor, the MP Series controller still operates with only the temperature sensor. Any application written to use the CO2 sensor is affected, however, since the replacement unit causes EcoStruxure Building Operation objects representing the CO2 sensor to be configured as out of service.


It is the sensor object that is out of service here and not the entire SmartX Sensor.

When replacing a SmartX Sensor, be sure to check the DIP switch address to ensure that the system recognizes the fitted unit as replacement for one you removed. Otherwise, the MP Series controller does not interact with the same unit. In order for the new unit to assume the identity of the old one, the DIP switch settings must match.

During the replacement process, you can swap the faceplate on the sensor model if you want. Even if the model sensor types and faceplate do not match, EcoStruxure BMS still assumes it is the same unit and configures any absent or deficient sensors or displays objects as out of service.


When the MP Series controller requires more than one SmartX Sensor, be sure to adjust the DIP switches of the devices to unique settings. You should also ensure that at least two switches are present to provide the four unique settings the product requires. The following table shows the mapping between each unique DIP switch setting and SmartX Sensor addressing. The default setting for both DIP switches is OFF.

















Setting more than one SmartX Sensor to the same address (including not changing the factory default DIP switch setting) produces an error and results in a communication failure to any units sharing that address.

SmartX Sensor Operation and Calibration Modes

The CO2, temperature, humidity, and occupancy SmartX sensors provide a variety of operation and calibration options.

For more information, see SmartX Sensor Operation and Calibration Modes .

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