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Products: MP-V
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Triac Outputs

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The triac outputs can be used in many applications to switch 24 VAC on or off for external loads such as actuators, relays, or indicators. Triacs are silent and do not suffer from relay contact wear.

The outputs can be configured as one of the following types:

  • Digital output

  • Digital pulsed output

  • Pulse width modulated output

  • Tristate output

  • Tristate pulsed output


The DO triac outputs are designed to switch 24 VAC. The common terminal COM can be connected to 24 VAC or to ground. DO1, DO2, and DO3 share the common terminal COM. The terminals are opto-isolated from the controller.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Triac output internal configuration

Triac output internal configuration

R V1 and R V2 are varistors (95 V, 2 J) for protection of the triac.

R 1 = 47 ohm

C 1 = 22 nF


Optionally, to protect the triac outputs from damage in the event of external wiring short circuit, you can connect an in-line fuse (3 A) in series with the COM terminal.


Channels, MP-V-7A
3, DO1 to DO3
Channels, MP-V-9A
3, DO1 to DO3
Output rating (for each triac output)
Max. 0.5 A
24 VAC +/-20 %
COM (terminal number 18)
The common terminal COM can be connected to 24 VAC or to ground.
Common voltage, high side output
24 VAC
Common voltage, low side output
0 VAC (ground)
Minimum pulse width
100 ms
Triac output protection
MOV and snubber across each triac output
MOV from triac COM to ground
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  • MP-V Onboard I/O