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Concept Concept 7/23/2021
Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Project Configuration Tool
Functionalities: Alarms
Product version: 3.3, 2022

Alarm Control Panel Synchronization

When you have predefined Alarm Control Panel objects, for example user actions or alarm decorators, that you want to reuse on another EcoStruxure BMS server, you configure a lead-shadow relationship on the shadow Alarm Control Panel.

Lead-shadow relationship means that properties of the lead object are propagated to the shadow object.

Alarm Control Panels objects saved on an Enterprise Central are not automatically propagated to Alarm Control Panel objects on Enterprise Servers in the EcoStruxure BMS. Alarm Control Panel objects saved on an Enterprise Server are automatically propagated to Alarm Control Panel objects on automation servers in the EcoStruxure BMS.

When you have configured a lead-shadow relationship, the shadow objects becomes read-only.

You can disconnect an Alarm Control Panel on a lower-tier EcoStruxure BMS server. The disconnected Alarm Control Panel then becomes writeable. When you have disconnected the Alarm Control Panel, the current configuration of the Alarm Control Panel is retained.

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