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Products: Commission, MP-V
Functionalities: Engineering
Product version: 2.0, 2.1

Flow Balance Overview

arrow1_rotationFlow Balance Menu

The Flow Balance function of the eCommission SmartX Controllers mobile application is used to air balance terminal boxes controlled by MP-V controllers. This function automates most of the air balance procedure but it also allows you to manually check out the flow balance by driving the damper to a specified position, a flow setpoint, or a flow value.

Flow balancing, also known as air balancing, is the process you use to calibrate an installed VAV terminal unit so that the airflow indicated by the VAV controller is accurate, relative to the true airflow delivered by the VAV terminal unit.

action_zoom_plus_stroke eCommission Application Air Balancing Main Menu

eCommission Application Air Balancing Main Menu

Flow Balance Menu


You configure the MP-V controller setpoints to set up the parameters by which the controller is flow balanced. These setpoints include the maximum flow setpoint, selected by default, and the intermediate and minimum flow setpoints, which are optional.


In the Air Balancing Setpoints view, the Intermediate flow and Minimum flow setpoint check boxes are cleared by default. However, it is recommended that you include either or both these setpoints for flow balancing, in addition to the Maximum flow setpoint. Doing so allows you to achieve greater flow accuracy across the operating flow range of the VAV unit.

Verify rotation

You can manually verify the direction of damper rotation to determine whether the actuator rotates clockwise or counterclockwise to open.

Manual checkout

After completing the automated flow balancing process, you can use manual checkout to verify and command the air flow values for one or multiple MP-V controllers.

Balance report

The eCommission application provides the user with a means to generate a flow balance report that documents several values, including: the box capacity at 1 inch H20 (249 Pa), the box measured flow and the hood measured flow for each setpoint used during balancing, actuator stroke and rotation, flow balance time and date, and any comments. Using the eCommission application, the user can create, append, and delete flow balance reports. Flow balance reports are stored on the eCommission application mobile device and can be retrieved and shared using the file and e-mail applications of that mobile device.

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