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How to

How to

Products: Commission, IP-IO , MP-C, MP-V, RP-C
Functionalities: Engineering, BACnet/IP devices
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

Connecting to a Device through WiFi

You connect to a device to begin all commissioning tasks.

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When connecting to a network at the job site, the Commission mobile application device must have either a dynamic or static IP address.

For more information, see Connecting and Acquiring a Static IP Address .

IP Acquisition Options




DHCP, static

iOS (Apple)

DHCP, static

Windows 10

DHCP, static, link-local addressing


If a network device cannot find a DHCP server, the device performs an autoconfiguration and assigns itself a link-local IP address.

For more information, see Connecting to Single BACnet/IP Controller by Wire .

There are a total of 65,023 usable IP addresses, ranging from to

For more information, see BACnet/IP Controller Commissioning Scenarios .

Network Interface Selection

To use the Commission mobile application on a mobile device that has more than one network interface, you must select the interface you will use. To do this, first determine the IP addresses that are available for your mobile device. You may find the IP address assigned to the selected interface by viewing the device settings. You then select the interface with the correct IP address.

BBMD Implementation

To use the Commission mobile application when you are connected remotely to the controller network, the mobile application can register as a foreign device to a BBMD. To configure the mobile application to register to a BBMD, type the IP address of the BBMD in BBMD address and then select Connect .

When an IP address is present in BBMD address , the mobile application attempts to register with a BBMD at that address. If the BBMD address field is empty, the mobile application connects to the local network.

To connect the Commission mobile application remotely, you must have at least one BBMD on the subnet that you are connecting to. To access the entire remote BACnet internetwork, you must have a networked set of BBMDs. In addition to the BBMD you must ensure that the local network that the mobile device is a part of is compatible with the remote network. Typically this requires that you have VPN access to the remote network.

This document is not intended to instruct you how to set up a BBMD for use with the Commission mobile application. For further help with implementing BBMD with the Commission mobile application, consult with the system administrator.

To connect to a device through Wifi
  1. In the Connection page, select WiFi .

  2. In the Wi-Fi page, in the Adapter dropdown, select the IP address for your wireless adapter.

  3. Configure the following optional features:

  4. Select Connect .

  5. In the Select BACnet Network page, the Commission mobile application automatically selects the local network. If you are connecting to a remote site, select the checkbox next to the appropriate network. Select Discover Devices .

  6. In the Device List page, select the check box next to the device or devices you want to connect to. To select all devices listed, select Select All .


    To filter the device list, select the Filter icon, and apply a filter. For more information, see Filtering the Device List .

  7. Select Next .

Depending on whether you chose chose one or multiple devices in step 6, you will reach the following pages:

When you reach the Device Settings page, you have successfully connected to a single device.

When you reach the Download Firmware page, you have successfully connected to multiple devices.

  • Device Connection
  • Filtering the Device List
  • IP Acquisition and Connectivity