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Products: RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD
Functionalities: Engineering, Hardware
Product version: 2023, 2024


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action_zoom_plus_stroke RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD – DALI light module

RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD – DALI light module


SpaceLogic™ RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD light module connects to the SpaceLogic RP room controllers and provides I/O expansion for lighting control with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface).

The DALI light module enables power supply and control of lights equipped with DALI ballasts (DALI control gear).

The DALI light module is a DALI-2 certified control device (application controller) with multi-master capability. DALI-2 compliance means benefits such as improved interoperability and easier installation and maintenance. The DALI light module can be used with DALI version-1 products because DALI-2 is designed to be backward compatible with DALI version-1. The multi-master capability of the DALI light module allows the module to function as a DALI master in a DALI network and can thus work together with DALI-2 sensors and push-buttons.

Lighting can be controlled by the RP controller through motion detection and light intensity measurement provided by the Multi-sensor or Insight-Sensor, or by SpaceLogic Sensors connected to the RP controller.

The DALI light module is part of the RP controller expansion modules for connected room solution and can be combined with other modules from this product range.


The DALI light module has the following features:

  • Power and communications through the room bus

  • DALI-2 certified control device (application controller)

  • DALI multi-master function for communication with DALI sensors and push-buttons on the DALI bus, which minimizes wiring and installation costs

  • Group and individual addressing of DALI control gear (lights)

  • One DALI channel, which is split into four inputs/outputs (terminals), for DALI bus power supply and control of up to 32 lights and 16 input devices (the maximum number of lights and input devices per input/output is determined by the maximum inrush current)

  • Up to 16 DALI groups for common control of lights

  • Up to 16 DALI input devices in total. Each input device supports up to four sensors or buttons.

  • Simplified commissioning support for DALI lights connected to the same terminal

  • Energy saving by automatic disconnection of power to DALI drivers/ballasts when all lights on the same terminal are off

  • Support for on/off (relay) control of non-DALI lights on terminals not used for DALI lighting control

  • Four digital inputs for connection of light switches and window contacts. The digital inputs are SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage).

  • Measurement of energy consumption per module

  • Suitable for mounting in ceilings

  • Wieland connectors for quick and easy installation

  • Engage mobile application for room comfort settings

  • Status LED for the device

  • One status LED for each DALI input/output

  • Rotary switch for address configuration

DALI lighting control

The DALI inputs/outputs are connected to the power supply network through the DALI light module. For the DALI bus wires, you may use the standard installation equipment permitted for ELV (Extra-Low Voltage) installations. The DALI bus meets SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage) requirements.

The DALI-2 interface has the following features:

  • DALI groups can combine lights regardless of which outputs the lights belong to.

  • Lights that belong to the same DALI group are controlled simultaneously for switching on/off, dimming, and color temperature (tunable white) adjustment

  • Management of ballast and lamp alarms

  • Automatic addressing of lights

Simplified commissioning support

By using a DALI channel group, you can control all DALI lights connected to the same input/output (terminal) as one logical light, which simplifies and speeds up the commissioning process.

Room bus

The RP controller room bus allows RP controller expansion modules to be connected to the controller for people counting, motion detection, luminosity and sound pressure level measurements, Bluetooth Low Energy based applications, and control of electric lights and window blinds.

The RP-C Pro and RP-C Pro Plus controller room bus supports up to nine connected RP controller expansion modules with the following restrictions:

  • Maximum of two DALI light modules

  • Maximum of two SMI blind modules

  • Maximum of seven Multi-sensor or Insight-Sensor devices

The RP-C Advanced controller room bus supports up to six connected RP controller expansion modules with the following restrictions:

  • Maximum of two DALI light modules

  • Maximum of two SMI blind modules

  • Maximum of four Multi-sensor or Insight-Sensor devices

The RP-V Advanced controller room bus supports up to four connected RP controller expansion modules with the following restrictions:

  • Maximum of one DALI light module

  • Maximum of one SMI blind module

  • Maximum of two Multi-sensor or Insight-Sensor devices

Maximum total length of the room bus is 72 m (236 ft).

Engage mobile application

The Engage mobile application enables control of room temperature, fan speed, lights, and blinds/shades directly from a smartphone. A user can manage these settings when the application is connected to the RP controller.

The Engage mobile application is free and available for download from Google Play and Apple App Store.

For more information, see the Engage Specification Sheet.

Table: Part Numbers


Part number

DIN-RAIL-CLIP, DIN-rail end clip
package of 25 pieces
Mounting plate - RP controller expansion modules
package of 5 pieces


Nominal voltage
230 VAC
Operating voltage range
+/-10 %
50/60 Hz
Maximum current consumption
10 A
Room bus power consumption
0.3 W (24 VDC)
Maximum 16 A external fuse (circuit breaker) is needed
Overvoltage category
Ambient temperature, operating
0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Ambient temperature, storage
-20 to +70 °C (-4 to +158 °F)
20 to 90 % RH non-condensing
Pollution degree
Plastic flame rating
UL94 V-0
Ingress protection rating
IP 20
198 W x 110 H x 64 D mm (7.8 W x 4.3 H x 2.5 D in.)
0.433 kg (0.955 lb)
Recommended installation
DIN rail or flat surface in a cabinet a
Power input: 1 x 3-pin Wieland GST15i3 connector
DALI inputs/outputs: 4 x 5-pin Wieland GST15i5 connector
Digital inputs: 4 x 2-pin Wieland GST15i2 connector
Optional mounting plate
The mounting plate is used to facilitate mounting and cable management for the RP controller expansion module as well as to provide strain relief for the connectors.
202 W x 268.3 H x 17.8 D mm (8.0 W x 10.6 H x 0.7 D in.)
0.306 kg (0.675 lb)
EcoStruxure BMS server communication
EcoStruxure Building Operation
version 3.1.1 and later
Energy metering support
EcoStruxure Building Operation
version 3.3.1 and later
DALI multi-master support
EcoStruxure Building Operation
version 4.0.1 and later
Support for simplified commissioning and energy saving for DALI lights, and relay control of non-DALI lights
EcoStruxure Building Operation
version 5.0.3 and later
Agency compliances
RCM; BS/EN 61000-6-3; BS/EN IEC 63044-5-2; FCC Part 15, Sub-part B, Class B
BS/EN 61000-6-2; BS/EN IEC 63044-5-3
Safety standards
BS/EN 60730-1; BS/EN 60730-2-11; BS/EN IEC 63044-3
Digital addressable lighting interface
IEC 62386-101; IEC 62386-103
Communication ports
Room bus
Dual RJ45 ports for daisy-chain configurations
Use a Cat 5 (or higher) cable
Maximum total length of the room bus: 72 m (236 ft)
Room bus protection
Transient voltage suppressors on communication and power signals
Main microcontroller
CPU type
ARM Cortex-M4 single-core
80 MHz
SRAM (embedded)
320 KB
Flash memory (embedded)
1024 KB
NOR flash memory
16 MB
DALI microcontroller
CPU type
ARM Cortex-M0 single-core
32 MHz
SRAM (embedded)
8 KB
Flash memory (embedded)
64 KB
Additional hardware
Status indicator
LED (green and red) that shows the status of the device
Light status indicator
One status LED (green) for each DALI input/output
Address switch
Rotary switch 0 to 9
Set button
Push-button switch
Energy metering
Energy consumption measurement
The energy consumption is measured in Wh, shared by the four outputs.
Accuracy class (according to IEC 61557-12)
Active energy measurement: Class 1
Typical measurement accuracy at room temperature
20 to 100 W: 5%
100 to 3000 W: 1%
DALI inputs/outputs
4, Light 1 to Light 4
The four inputs/outputs share one DALI channel.
Input/output terminals
N, PE, L, DA+, and DA-
DALI bus voltage
18 VDC
Maximum supply current
250 mA
Guaranteed supply current
64 mA
Maximum cable length
See the SpaceLogic Hardware Reference Guide
Power distribution
230 VAC (same voltage as power supply)
Maximum 5 A load per output
Maximum 10 A total load for the 4 outputs
Maximum 165 A inrush current (<20 ms) per output
Maximum 800 A inrush current (<200 µs) per output
DALI devices
Supported control gear
See table below.

Device type number

Type of control gear


Device Type 0 (DT0)

Fluorescent lamp control gear


Device Type 1 (DT1)

Control gear for self-contained emergency lighting


Device Type 3 (DT3)

Low-voltage halogen lamp control gear


Device Type 4 (DT4)

Incandescent lamp dimmers


Device Type 6 (DT6)

LED lamp control gear (LED modules)


Device Type 8 (DT8)

Color control gear

Yes a

Supported input device types
See table below.

Type/part number a

Type of input device

Supported bc





Absolute input devices



Occupancy sensors



Light (luminosity) sensors


Digital inputs
4, DI1 to DI4
Dry contact, 0 to 5.0 VDC, 2.2 mA, SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage)


Follow proper installation wiring diagrams and instructions. For more information on wiring, see the SpaceLogic Hardware Reference Guide.

action_zoom_plus_stroke RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD


Table: Required External Connectors


Part number


Connector type

Suitable for cable diameters

mm (inches)


Color of coding


Minimum order quantity

Power supply input






L, PE, N




DALI inputs/outputs






N, PE, L, D2, D1

D2: DA+

D1: DA-

Pastel blue



Digital inputs






1, 2

1: DI1..4

2: RET

Light blue



The external connectors need to be ordered separately. The connectors can be ordered in quantities of 50 or 100 from Schneider Electric using the above part numbers. The connectors can also be ordered directly from Wieland using the above reference numbers. For more information, see the Wieland Electric web site.

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  • Commission
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