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Products: RP-C, RP-C-EXT-DALI-M-PD
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 2022, 2023, 2024

DALI Light Module Supported Building Standards

The DALI light module complies to version 2 of the IEC 62386 standard (DALI-2).

The DALI light module is a DALI-2 certified control device (application controller) with multi-master capability.

DALI-2 compliance means benefits such as improved interoperability and easier installation and maintenance. The DALI light module can be used with DALI version-1 control gear because DALI-2 is designed to be backward compatible with DALI version-1. The DALI light module supports electronic ballasts, LED drivers, and other control gear with DALI interface that are fully compliant with DALI version-1 or DALI-2. The multi-master capability allows the DALI light module to function as a DALI master in a DALI network, which means that the module works together with DALI-2 sensors and push-buttons.

For information on supported control gear device types and a list of supported input devices, see the Product Database on the DiiA website,


It is recommended to always test control gear and input devices at an early stage in a project.

The DALI light module provides one DALI channel (DALI bus), which is split into four inputs/outputs, labeled Light 1 to Light 4. Up to 32 DALI control gear devices in total can be connected to the DALI light module. Up to 16 DALI input devices in total can be connected to the DALI light module, and each input device supports up to four sensors or buttons.

The DALI light module supports up to 16 DALI groups of control gear and input devices, which can be used for common control of the devices. DALI groups can combine devices regardless of which inputs/outputs the devices belong to. For example, a DALI group can include all lights on one of the inputs/outputs, or some of the lights on one input/output, or some lights on all inputs/outputs or on a few inputs/outputs.

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