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Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Device Administrator, AS-P
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2023, 2024

Inherited Licenses

Inherited licenses are EcoStruxure Building Operation software licenses that are inherited from an Enterprise Server by the attached automation servers.

When an inherited license is activated for the Enterprise Server all attached automation servers can use the feature. Inherited licenses are activated using License Administrator and the EcoStruxure Building Operation Software License mechanism and workflow.

For more information, see EcoStruxure Building Operation Software Licensing Overview .

For example, you want to use SNMP on some of your automation servers that are attached to an Enterprise Server. When you activate the SNMP license on your Enterprise Server, all attached automation servers are allowed to use SNMP.

Some features can also be used on a stand-alone automation server. In this case the licenses must be activated using the Device Administrator.

For more information, see Software and Features that Require Licenses .

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