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Products: RP-C, RP-C-EXT-KNX
Functionalities: Hardware
Product version: 3.2, 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

KNX Modbus Gateway Device Installation

The KNX Modbus gateway (RP-C-EXT-KNX) is designed for installation on a DIN rail. The width of the device is 1 unit (18 mm or 0.7 inch).

A DIN rail is a common and convenient technique for installing the KNX Modbus gateway, along with the RP-C controller and other associated control and monitoring devices. The most efficient ventilation is achieved with the wall-mounted DIN rail oriented horizontally and with adequate space provided between the KNX Modbus gateway's rail and adjacent rails or other devices.

The KNX Modbus gateway is typically installed horizontally (on a DIN rail going from left to right), with the device label text in the upright position reading left to right.

action_zoom_plus_stroke KNX Modbus gateway installed on a horizontal DIN rail next to RP-C

KNX Modbus gateway installed on a horizontal DIN rail next to RP-C

When installing the KNX Modbus gateway together with RP-C controllers in a cabinet, it is recommended to provide ample space between the DIN rails and the devices for sufficient ventilation. For more information, see RP-C Device Installation .

To prevent the modules from sliding sideways on the DIN rail, fix an end clamp for DIN 35 (part number SXWDINEND10001) tightly against the rightmost device on the rail. The end clamp is easily removed if you bend the snap lock open with a screwdriver.

action_zoom_plus_stroke End clamp for DIN 35 fixed across the DIN rail

End clamp for DIN 35 fixed across the DIN rail

The screw terminal blocks are removable, which means that they can be wired before the KNX Modbus gateway is supplied. Replacing a KNX Modbus gateway is done in seconds because no terminal wiring is affected. The terminal blocks are delivered with the device. Use only terminal blocks delivered with the device (or equivalent terminal blocks).

Install only a wired terminal block that matches the labeling of the terminals on the device. If the labels on the wires do not indicate the intended terminals, consult the control panel documentation to determine the intended terminals.

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