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Products: Operator Display
Functionalities: Schedules
Product version: 3.3, 2022, 2023, 2024

Schedule Types

arrow1_rotationAnalog Schedules arrow1_rotationDigital Schedules arrow1_rotationMulti-State/Enumerated Schedules

You can have three types of different schedules in the building management system: Analog, Digital, Multi-State or Enumerated. An analog schedule is used if the schedule controls a device that gauges the output in real numbers. A digital schedule is used if the schedule needs to control a device with two output states, such as On or Off. A multi-state/enumerated schedule is used if the schedule needs to control a device that has output states based on multiple states, such as low, medium, or high.

For more information, see Schedule Handling .

Analog Schedules

An analog schedule controls objects with real numbers. The real numbers include positive or negative numbers, fractions, and decimal values.

For more information, see Analog Schedules .

Digital Schedules

A digital schedule controls objects that have an active and inactive state.

For more information, see Digital Schedules .

Multi-State/Enumerated Schedules

A multi-state or enumerated schedule controls objects that have states based on integers or positive whole numbers including zero.

For more information, see Multi-State/Enumerated Schedules .

  • Schedules Overview
  • Analog Schedules
  • Digital Schedules
  • Multi-State/Enumerated Schedules