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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P
Functionalities: Semantic
Product version: 2022

Uploading Ontologies

You upload ontologies on your system so that the correct ontologies are used on the semantic database.

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Semantic is based on ontologies.

When you navigate a semantic database the Sparql queries that are used in navigation are executed on the semantic database. The results are then sent to Enterprise Server or Enterprise Central.

EcoStruxure Building Operation supports Brick ontology version 1.2.

Upload Ontologies

You can at any time upload an ontology from the EBO server to the semantic database. In some occasions you need to upload the ontologies from the Enterprise Server or Enterprise Central to the semantic database. This is done, for example, if you want to restore a semantic database. It is also done if you change the location of your semantic database from the default installation to another computer.

For more information, see Uploading Ontologies .

Enterprise server and Enterprise Central are delivered with the following ontologies. These are uploaded to the semantic database the first time you upload ontologies.

  • The default graph





To upload ontologies
  1. In WorkStation open System .

  2. Right-click Semantic and click Upload ontologies .

  • Semantic Overview
  • Configure EcoStruxure Building Automation System to use Semantic Workflow
  • Configuring the Semantic Settings
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  • Configuring Semantic Permissions
  • Uploading Ontologies