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Products: WebStation
Functionalities: Dashboards
Product version: 2023, 2024

Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic widgets is a way to automatically add graphics to a dashboard using a search function.

You configure the dynamic widget to search for, and display, a graphic in a specific location.

The dynamic widget search in the server you are logged on to. The widget cannot search on subservers.

The dynamic widget simplifies the configuration of a dashboard when, for example, you want to present device overviews in a dashboard, where each device is represented by a TGML graphic.

If you have TGML graphics, for example a status overview in each device folder, you can display these graphics in a dashboard using the dynamic widget, without having to browse for each graphic. In the dynamic widget, you specify the common root folder for the graphics as well as the names of the graphics. We assume that the graphics have the same name, or at least that part of the name is common. Namely, it is possible to use wildcards when specifying the name of the graphic.

When the dashboard is opened, the graphics are searched and a TGML widget is created in the dashboard for each graphic found.

It is also possible to use stand-alone widgets instead of, or together with, TGML graphic. You create stand-alone widgets in WorkStation.

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