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Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Virtual Project Servers
Functionalities: Alarms
Product version: 3.2, 3.3, 2022

Alarm States

arrow1_rotationAlarm Handling Issues

​An alarm is always in a certain alarm state. The state of the alarm is presented in the alarm properties, in the Alarms pane, or in the Alarm Views.

Table: Alarm States

Alarm State


Normal state

Idle state where the alarm monitors the variable. Normal state = 0.

Alarm state

When an alarm is triggered, the state of the alarm changes from the normal state to alarm state. Alarm state = 1.

Acknowledge state

A user or user group has acknowledged the alarm. Acknowledged state = 2.

Reset state

The monitored variable has returned to a value that is within the normal condition of the alarm, but the alarm has to be acknowledged by a user before the alarm returns to normal state. Reset state = 3.

Disable state

You can disable an alarm when the alarm is triggered by faulty reasons, the alarm toggles between the alarm state and reset state, or maintenance will trigger the alarm. Disabled state = 4.

A Disabled alarm can be hidden in the Alarms pane or Alarm Views. To reset the alarm, you have to show hidden alarms and then enable it. When you show disabled alarms, enabled alarms are hidden.

Fault state

If a BACnet device reports values that it knows are not trustworthy, the monitoring alarm is put in fault state. Fault state = 5.

You can configure the alarm in different ways whether or not a user has to acknowledge the alarm before it returns to normal state.

For more information, see Acknowledgements .

Alarm Handling Issues

When an alarm is triggered it appears in the alarm list. You can acknowledge, disable, or hide alarms in the alarm list. An acknowledged alarm disappears from the alarm list when it has been reset to normal state.

For more information, see Alarm Handling Issues .

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