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Products: AS-B, Edge Server, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Virtual Project Servers
Functionalities: Basic Functionality
Product version: 2023, 2024

Documents Overview

A Document is a container in which you can upload (import) a file for use in the EcoStruxure Building Operation software. You can upload all types of files, including reports, forms, images, and video clips.

When you open a Document,the EcoStruxure Building Operation software starts the installed editor or viewer associated with the file type. For example, you can open, edit, and save documents associated with Microsoft Word. For more information, see Opening a Document .


You can upload any file type, including .doc, .jpg, .pdf, or .txt, without size restrictions. However, importing files larger than 17 MB to an automation server can result in an Insufficient Memory error.

Document creation

You can quickly create a Document by dragging a file from Windows Explorer to WorkStation. You can also create a Document by using the Wizard. For more information, see Creating a Document .

Document attachment to other objects

After a Document is created and saved, you can attach the Document to another EcoStruxure Building Operation object, such as an Alarm. For instance, you can create an Alarm Acknowledgement checklist and attach the checklist to a particular alarm. Operators can review and complete the checklist using a standard Windows viewer or editor, such as Notepad.

However, a Document is a separate entity so you cannot attach the Document directly to another object. Instead, you make an attachment from an EcoStruxure Building Operation object to the Document.


When you log off or are automatically logged off, any unsaved changes in the document are not saved in the database. Make sure that you save changes in open documents frequently.

Document Policy

You can increase the security in your system by configuring the document policy. The document policy controls which file types a user can open, save, and import.

For more information, see Document Policy .

  • Function Overview
  • Creating a Document
  • Opening a Document
  • New Document Wizard – Import Document Page
  • Alarm Attachments
  • Adding an Attachment to an Alarm
  • Document Policy