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How to

How to

Products: AS-B, Enterprise Central, Enterprise Server, AS-P, Virtual Project Servers
Functionalities: User Management
Product version: 3.2, 3.3, 2022

Editing the Layout of a Workspace

You edit the layout of a workspace to arrange the panes in the Work area to meet the operational needs of a user or a user group.

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​A workspace consists of panes, windows, and a work area that can be customized to suit a user's specific needs. Dialog boxes are presented on top of the workspace.

action_zoom_plus_stroke Workspace components

Workspace components

WorkStation positions panes at the edges of the main window. You can lock, release, and move these components to another location. You can also display and stack several panes on top of each other.

The EcoStruxre Building Operation software provides several predefined workspace panes, which are accessible through the View menu:

  • System Tree pane

  • Watch

  • Events

  • Alarms

Workspace Customization

You customize the workspace layout to control access and meet the specific requirements of a user account group. For example, you hide or show panes and toolbars. You can save a workspace layout on the EcoStruxure BMS server. In this case, the layout becomes the default workspace layout for all users in the user account group the workspace belongs to. Workspaces are task oriented, which means that a user can switch workspaces during a single WorkStation session.

For more information, see Workspace Customization .

Workspace Content References

Workspace content references are used to customize the workspace by referring the content you want to display in the workspace panes and Work Area window.

For more information, see Workspace Content References .

Panel Components

You use a panel to combine different viewable windows, for example, a graphic, trend chart, report, or another panel into a seamless view. A panel consists of one or several panes and one work area.  The panel is available through the System Tree pane and opens as a window in the work area of the current workspace.

For more information, see Panel Components .

To edit the layout of a workspace
  1. In WorkStation, in the System Tree pane, select the EcoStruxure BMS server you want to configure.

  2. Click the Control Panel tab.

  3. Click Account management .

  4. In the Domain Control Panel, in the Domain box, select the domain the workspace belongs to.

  5. In the Workspaces box, select the workspace you want to edit.

  6. Click Edit Layout .

  7. In the workspace, resize the frames and adjust the dock positions of the panes.

  8. On the File menu, click Save to save and exit the layout editor.

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