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Concept Concept 2/18/2014
Products: AS-C, AS-L, Enterprise Server
Functionalities: Localization
Product version: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

Language Packages

Building Operation supports several different languages. To be able to install a new language you need a language pack.

Languages in WorkStation

​At the main installation, WorkStation and servers only contain English. To support a language other than English, you need to install the specific language package on your WorkStation.

The operating system language of the computer on which WorkStation is installed determines the language that WorkStation displays in. For example, if the language of an operating system is Spanish, WorkStation is displayed in Spanish, provided that the Spanish language packages are installed

WorkStation and servers are built on a multilingual language platform that supports all characters included in the Basic Multilingual Plan, http://unicode.org.

Some operating systems support multi-language use which means that you can change the language of the operating system. For more information, refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the operating system.

The language packages are version sensitive, the version of the language package must correspond with the version of WorkStation. If you upgrade your current WorkStation, you must also upgrade your language package version.

Languages in WebStation

The default language in WebStation is English but this can be changed. The language pack for the language has to be installed on the Building Operation server you are connected to using WebStation. Changing the language settings in WebStation only affects the language in your web browser.

The language setting uses session cookies. When you clear the web browser's cache so that the cookie is deleted, you have to change the language once again.

You can change back to the original language or another language if the language pack for the selected language is installed on the server you are connected to.

To be able to install a language pack on the server, you need the language pack file supplied by Schneider Electric.

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