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Products: ​License Administrator, ​License Server
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1

License System

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​When setting up a new EcoStruxure BMS, you need to consider the size of the system, its structure, and the number of licenses to order and distribute.

Place the License Server on a computer owned by the customer. When you need to repair or move a network license, the request must come from the License Server that was used to activate the license.

Locate the License Server and the Enterprise Server on the same computer to avoid unexpected license problems caused by network problems. Use the address @localhost so the Enterprise Server cannot connect to the License server through the network.

Ensure that the License Server has access to the Internet and to the local area network. The Internet access is only necessary when performing tasks that require communication with the License Activation Server, hosted by Schneider Electric, such as activating or returning licenses on your License Server. Instant access to the local area network ensures that licensed WorkStations, client tools, and Enterprise Servers can smoothly check out and check in licenses.


For security reasons, the Internet access can be disconnected when communication with the License Activation Server is not needed.

License Activation Server

The License Activation Server is the server controlled by Schneider Electric to manage the activation of licenses on customers' License Servers. The License Activation Server also handles return commissions. All communication between the License Server and the License Activation Server is managed through the License Administrator.

License Server

The License Server manages the administration of network licenses. An EcoStruxure BMS running with network licenses must contain at least one License Server.

For more information, see License Server .

License Administrator

The License Administrator administers the activation, return, and repair of licenses.

For more information, see License Administrator .


EcoStruxure BMS uses two types of licenses: the network license and the local license. Network licenses are the most common type of license in an EcoStruxure BMS. With network licenses, only the number of licenses that are used at the same time are required. The local license is often time limited and used to test and run a system that is under construction, or for demonstration purpose.

For more information, see Licenses .

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