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Concept Concept 6/24/2013
Products: AS-C, AS-L, Enterprise Server
Functionalities: Localization
Product version: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Regional and Language Overview

WorkStation presents language, date, time, currency, unit, and decimals according to the user’s operating system settings.

The date, time, or value format can differ between clients that have the same language and cultural convention.

For example, a user customizes the French date setting to yyyy-mm-dd in the operating system. The next time WorkStation starts on this client, all dates are displayed as yyyy-mm-dd instead of the French standard dd/mm/yyyy. Other clients with French original settings still display dates with the French standard dd/mm/yyyy.

Language and Translation Packages

Building Operation supports a lot of different languages. To be able to install a new language you need a language pack.

For more information, see Language Packages .

Value Presentation

Building Operation handles values and numbers with the highest ​precision. The unit of a value is converted according to the user’s operating system where WorkStation is installed.

For more information, see Value Presentation .

Time and Time Zone

​A time zone is a region on the earth that has a uniform standard time, usually referred to as the local time. Local time is the UTC time plus the current time zone offset for the considered location. Some time zones also have an offset called DST added during the summer period. The DST offset is typically +1 hour.

For more information, see Time and Time Zone .

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