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How to

How to

Products: ​License Administrator, ​License Server
Functionalities: License Management
Product version: 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1

Stopping the License Server

You manually stop the License Server, if the service is running.

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The License Server manages the administration of network licenses. An EcoStruxure BMS running with network licenses must contain at least one License Server.

The License Server is designed to not require user intervention. The License Server is a Microsoft Windows service named Building Operation License Server. Because of the lack of user interface and graphical notifications that display the status of the License Server, it is recommended that you configure the License Server to automatically restart if it unexpectedly stops. For more information, see Configuring License Server Recovery Settings   .

You use the License Administrator to activate network licenses on the License Server. The network licenses are then checked out from the License Server by WorkStation, editors, or Enterprise Server. For more information, see License Administrator .

Flexnet License Manager, License Server Manager

The License Server can be managed through a web-based administration tool called FLEXnet License Administrator. You use the Administration part of the tool to view system information and administer License Server user accounts, alerts, and other configuration.

The FLEXnet License Administrator web page is hosted by the License Server. You use a web browser to connect to the web page via HTTP or HTTPS. The default protocol is HTTP through port 8888, that is on the License Server host itself: http://localhost:8888. The default user name is "admin" and the default password is "admin".

The License Server files are located in: \ProgramData\FLEXnet in Windows.

For more information, see Flexnet License Administrator, License Server Manager .

To stop the License Server
  1. On the License Server computer, open the Service management console.

  2. Right-click Building Operation License Server .

  3. Select Stop .

For more information about the Service management console, please refer to the operating system manufacturer’s manual.

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